Pet Potty Training!

The internet is full of puppy training tips, and it can be quite overwhelming to try to find it all and put it all together. I am going to share my method, which combines crate training with teaching a puppy to eliminate on command. This method works and covers the basics. 


Before we continue, let's talk about that second thing: teaching your pet to eliminate on command. This puppy training method is an excellent choice because you can get your pet to do what you want where you want, and you simplify the housebreaking process. 

Basically, your goal is to get your puppy to get used to hearing the same words to prepare it to go to the bathroom. You create a trigger word which makes your puppy realize you want it to go to the bathroom when you say it. This phrase should be something unique for your pet. For instance, if you have small kids and you tell them to "go potty" frequently, it won't work well for your pet because they'll think they're supposed to go, too! Use a phrase you don't frequently use. Sometimes, using words in a language you don't really use helps, because you won't make the mistake of using it in every day conversation. 


For crate training, you will need a couple of things.

1.) A crate
2.) Some pads (Click on the top to see our selection!)
3.) A collar and a leash
4.) Some small treats
5.) Food and Water bowl
6.) Patience
7.) Discipline
8.) Commitment to Quality Time*

*Crate training means incorporating a crate, not sticking your pet into a crate forever. Crate training will not work if your pet does not expect to have quality time with you when they are outside of the crate. 

Step 1: Set up your crate. Here are some examples below.

    Step 2: Take your puppy from their crate, leash them, and then walk them straight to the potty area you have set up. 

    Step 3: Your puppy will eventually start doing the "puppy potting dance." There's a lot of sniffing and a lot of circling around and circling back. As they do that, say your trigger phrase (like "get busy") and try to aim them towards the pad. Your phrase should be said calmly but firmly, and it should be said in the same manner each time.

    Tip - Tone is especially important for smaller dogs. With our boxers, we had no issues with tone. But once my shih-poo mix was getting trained, our tone got her really excited. We had to basically do a low mumble to prompt her to go.

    Step 4: When your puppy is done praise him intensely, saying "good puppy, good puppy!" Go crazy; don't worry about being calm and serene while praising. For the first month or so you should accompany the praise with a little treat.

    Tip - Do NOT give your pet the treat or praise if they do not go in the right place, or else they will think that you want them not to go on the pad. Puppy eyes should have no effect on you!

    Step 5: This process takes a bit. After a few weeks of CONSISTENTLY doing this, you will start to tell them when to go. When you want them to go, go over to the pad, get their attention, and use your trigger phrase. If they do not get it at first, take them over and say the phrase. When they are done praise your pet and reward them by playing outside or going for a walk. 

    This process will NOT work if you are not consistent. Also, if your puppy goes when you do not want them to go, that means you did not plan for your pet to go to the restroom. Always err on trying to get them to go more often than you think.

    The basics are simple: 


    • Let your puppy roam the house alone.
    • Let puppy have access to bowl of food all day long.
    • Allow your puppy to go play if he did not go potty.
    • Rub your puppies nose in its poop if he has an accident.

    • Decide what housebreaking method to use.
    • Put your puppy on a feeding schedule.
    • Use a crate for training purposes.
    • Supervise your puppy at all times.

    Are you still having some difficulties? We are building a webpage that deals with Housebreaking problems. You should probably try reading it as soon as possible, so that your puppy doesn't get any head start on bad habits!