Puppy Pad Washing Tips!

It's easy, really. 
Just throw them in the wash! If they're really dirty, hose them off and then throw them in the wash. Read on to increase the longevity of your pads. 

  1. Use hot water and bleach sparingly. Obviously, you'll have to use them sometimes, but if you can do it minimally, your pads will last longer. Bleach and hot water both break down pad fabrics, reducing the life of the pad. 
  2. Don't use fabric softener. Fabric softener has the same effects as hot water and bleach, but it can also be toxic to your pet! If fabric softener gets stuck on a pad and your pet gets a hold of it, you might need to make a visit to the pet hospital. The sweet smell of fabric softener can also tempt your pets to lick the area. A small amount of leftover fabric softener can also poison your dog. 
  3. Air dry your washable dog pads. Once again, hot air from the dryer causes a lot of pad problems, so try to air dry to retain the lifespan of the pads.