Disposable Pads v. Washable Pads!

So, should you get disposable puppy pads or washable puppy pads? 

Learning the reasons to get and not to get each type of dog pad could help you in the long run.

You should think of these three questions:

1. Which pee pad will help your puppy potty train successfully?
2. Which pee pad will do the job and save you money? 
3. What are the good, bad, and ugly regarding each type of pee pad?

We've compiled a list below of the reasons to consider washable and disposable pee pads. Of course, we might be a little biased, but the reasons we list for both sides are reasons that we've heard from our customers!

Reasons to get washable pee pads

  • Reusable: Reduces waste, saves you money!
  • Sturdy: Pups can't shred them apart, and they are stationary
  • Useful: Pads are absorbent
  • Washable: They're easily washed by sticking them into the washer!

Reasons not to get washable pee pads

  • Pads can get smelly if not washed quickly. 
  • The initial cost is a little bit higher. 

Reasons to get disposable pee pads

  • Easy to use: put it down, then throw it away.
  • Cheaper: Initial cost is cheap. (long run you pay more)

Reasons NOT to get Disposable pee pads

  • Not reusable: each is one time use, and can cause a lot of waste.
  • Not sturdy: Puppies can slip, slid, and tear these thin pads. 
  • Not absorbent: Urine can seep through the pad.